Bilingual Maths 4º E.S.O. (2017-2018)

21st, November 2017
Equations pages 60, 61 and 62 (Short answers) 

14th November, 2017
Algebraic fractions (pages 46 and 47): Short answers
Get the complete solutions on the following links...

13th November, 2017

Answers to exercise 24, at page 50

8th November, 2017
Factoring polynomials (Worked exercises)
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31st October, 2017
Logarithms and Scientific Notation
  I) Solved exercices
 II) Solved exercices

29th October, 2017

New! Revision Unit 1: solved exercises
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23th October, 2017
Algebra Crossword                        Answer Key

Factoring polynomials (Solved exercises)
Factoring polynomials: Worksheet
¡Cuidado! Puede haber errores en alguna de las soluciones. Intenta encontrarlos...

18th October, 2017
"Click" here to get the PDF version

"Click" here to get the PDF version

18th, October 2017
Listen to Steve Kelly (logarithms)

17th, October 2017
 Logarithms: Practise with these solved exercises...
Level I "Click" here
Level II "Click" here

 Solve problems:  
Complete Answers to 51-53, page 31

7th, October 2017
Logarithms, pages 30-31: Answer Key  ¡NEW!
Radicals revision: Solved examples I
Radicals revision: Solved examples II
Exercises pages 28-29: Answer Key 

21th September, 2017
Here are some presentations that could be useful for revising:
            Powers                                               Radicals
 Powers and Roots

"Click" on the pictures to download the presentations
Listen to a native teacher talking about radicals...

20th, September 2017
Intervals and half-lines
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Balls (Level I)
Balls (Level II)

19th, September 2017
Real numbers
To learn more about Irrational numbers "Click" here

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