Bilingual Maths 4º E.S.O. (2017-2018)

21th September, 2017
Here are some presentations that could be useful for revising:
            Powers                                               Radicals
 Powers and Roots

"Click" on the pictures to download the presentations
Listen to a native teacher talking about radicals...

20th, September 2017
Intervals and half-lines
For further information, "Click" here 
Balls (Level I)
Balls (Level II)

19th, September 2017
Real numbers
To learn more about Irrational numbers "Click" here

2017/2018 school year

Welcome to our class!

First of all, I would like you to read carefully the following document. It contains
some accurate instructions which will help you succeed in improving your math skills
and passing your exams, too...

This page will be developed progressively...
...bBut, for the time being, you can visit this link in order to get some materials...

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