Bilingual Maths 3º E.S.O.

Contents 3 ESO, 2017-2018

19th, November 2017
 Classic problems text book

14th, November 2017

Percentages (PDF version)

10th, November 2017
 Solved problems about movement

9th, November 2017
Solved problems with mixes (Spanish) 

8th, November 2017
Answers to problems about proportional distribution and mixtures 
 "Click" here 

6th, November 2017

Exercises at page 46 (Short answers)

 "Click" here" to get the complete solutions (Spanish)

Answers to Units 1 and 2 exam. "Click" here 

16th, October 2017
Revising powers:  Solved Exercises
Go further with powers: "Click" here...

14th, October 2017
Powers: Exercises, page 36. Get the Answer Key

9th, October 2017
Scientific notation:  Video introduction
More videos about this topic.. "click" here

7th, October 2017
Exercises pages 28-29: Answer Key

5th, October 2017

Fractions: Short exam (answers)

Would you like to practise with powers? Just do it!

4th, October 2017 

 Answer Key: "click" here...

17th, September 2017
Improve your knowledge about fractions

This is the correct order of operations (don't forget it!) 

Resultado de imagen de pemdas

Combined operations (Interactive): "Click" here
Combined operations (Video)

15th, September 2017
Maths Vocabulary Crossword (I) 

PDF version
2017/2018 school year

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